That quiet time between Christmas and New Year

Man, it feels great to kick back and listen to these new tracks flow through my headphones. I've listened to them each at least a hundred times, but I was listening to them critically, not for pleasure. Are the vocals loud enough? What is that buzzing noise? How should I balance the bass guitar and kick drum? A thousand little tweaks on digital nobs inside my computer, small nudges to the left or right. And now, finally, four months after we started recording, ten months after we started writing new material, here it is - Smiling Waves, our new album.

It's funny, calling it an album. What does that even mean anymore? I know I'm guilty of just listening to the one or two songs I like from my favorite bands, rarely dipping into the deep cuts. You're probably like me, pressed for time, throwing on some tunes while working out or driving. So we broke this album into three distinct EPs, each with their own flavor. Each EP features a different singer, and is titled with their favorite song. It made sense to us, and we hope it makes sense to you, too.

Brandi's EP, Slide, has a more chill vibe mixed with some nostalgia - that good sad, like remembering happy times. Brandi sings lead on Slide and Sad Song, both of which really showcase her vocal talents. David' song, February, is about remembering a friend that has passed. Josh's song, Breathe, is about anxiety and that tugging, out of breath feeling.

Josh's EP, Shadows, is probably the quirkiest of the three, with a genre defying group of tunes. Josh sings Shadows and Giving It All Away, both songs about loss. Brandi's Song, Forrest Gump, is a wonderfully weird love song to its title character. David's song, Drum Bum, is about the anxiety of performing for others, on the drums and in life.

David's EP, Well Well Well, is the heaviest of the three EPs. With a definite homage to his heavy metal heroes, David sings Well Well Well, a narrative on Trump's America and the anger and resignation we are surrounded with every day. Get Out My Way is a straight up rocker, fun to crank up. Josh's song, No More, is another heavy song about saying enough to an abusive person. Brandi's song, Pickle Song, is just great - it centers around the travails of our trusty troubadour and her search for the perfect pickle.

I hope you've had a great holiday, and I hope these songs say something to you. It's kinda weird, even though we live in a social media culture where everyone exposes their entire lives on the internet, it feels incredibly vulnerable to release something you've made into the world. Best wishes for 2019, Josh

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