Into the New Year!

Well, hey, everyone! Hope your forays into the new year have been everything you have wished for :) We've been busy here, rehearsing and getting some more tracks ready for our next album. We are tentatively calling the new album "Bring Out Your Love." With all the divisiveness going on around us, we think it's a great reminder that what we put forth into the world is what the world gives back. So, we want to bring out our love, and give our best to you. Ultimately, life is about sharing experiences, and we hope our songs can carry you through another year.

We don't have a firm release date planned, but mixing is underway - we already have many of the new tracks mixed down. We are updating some old tracks - "Pretty" and "Lazy." The new album should have ten or so songs on it. Our wonderful photographer, Loki Lott, has taken some excellent photos. All in all, it should be our best release to date. We're pretty excited to share it with you :)

So, until next time - peace friends. Your guy, Josh

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