The Starlight Riot Story

Starlight Riot is a fiery 3 piece indie pop band from Milwaukee WI. With the perfect blend of punk and pop, the band hits likes a dump truck slamming into a pile of rose petals. Starlight Riot formed in 2012 - current line up includes Josh Lukkes (guitar/vocals), Brandi Liantonio (bass), and David Robinson (drums/vocals). Starlight Riot just released their latest album, Bring Out Your Love, in May 2017. The group released Emotional Ammo in 2016, and self Titled Starlight Riot in 2013.

Starlight Riot blends a variety of styles into their energetic set list. With a post punk aesthetic, the group tells stories from its blue collar roots. Pulling from such diverse influences as The Pixies and The Beach Boys, Starlight Riot combines back-to-basics rock with multiple harmonies. From the punk pop of "Millionaire" to the minimalist rock of "Goodbye," Starlight Riot is difficult to pigeon hole.

After ending a five year run with the power pop trio Big Wish, Josh and David formed Starlight Riot in 2012 with Mike Jackson and Andrew Davis. After Davis' death in 2013, Sondra Feurstenau joined the band, and recording for Emotional Ammo began. In 2014, Jackson left the band to pursue career goals, shrinking Starlight Riot back down to a 3 piece. The group finished recording Emotional Ammo at the end of 2015, adding bassist Brandi in 2016 when Feurstenau departed.
If you'd like more information on Starlight Riot, feel free to contact us here, or by phone:

Josh Lukkes (414) 788-6638